I have put together several training routines to cover all body areas including upper body, lower body, core workouts but the most effective my clients have found is: HIIT, this is high intensity interval training. It requires you to work as hard as you can for short bursts of time followed by short rest periods, you can get a lot from your workout but you won’t require a huge amount of time. By pushing yourself hard in the work phases, your whole body springs into action sending your metabolism into burn mode! For those trying to loose fat, this is brilliant as it fires your body up to burn as much fuel as possible.

HIIT is also great for improving other areas of fitness including your cardiovascular fitness (your heart is being trained as you elevate your heart rate via the intense bursts of exercise) and also improving muscle tone so that you have some definition to show off.

Below you will find a few routines, that are designed to help give you motivation and get inspiration for your training. You will find step by step instructions for each exercise as well as video guides to aid you with your training.

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