Everyday is an opportunity to become healthier

After competing successfully as a professional horse rider, I decided I wanted to move into the fitness industry to carry on my role as a trainer but within a different environment. I studied sports science and then went on to qualify as a personal trainer, working with a varied selection of clients over many years.

I understand the challenges people face with daily life to become healthier and I've created workouts and recipes to make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals!

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Why should you take my advice?

About my experience

Studying and working as a personal trainer, I have understood the challenges people face with daily life impeding your goals of become healthier and fitter, so I've created workouts and recipes to make it as easy as possible to achieve your goals!

I've utilised my qualifications and experiences to do this, why not have a look for yourself.....

Personal Trainer

Whilst working with my clients I have found that the majority were wanting to achieve the same goals: fat loss, improved fitness, a positive change to their eating habits and being able to do it all whilst continuing with their busy life. So I set about developing ‘Jodies Fit Formula’ for success!

I have been able to do this by pooling together my specific skill set, which are listed below:

  • Qualified personal trainer
  • Studied Sports Science
  • Extensive personal training experience

Healthy Eating

I have always loved cooking and I think my passion for it started with a baking session every Friday night with my grandma. I always enjoyed playing around with recipes and changing the ingredients to see what I could come up with. The more I learnt about nutrition and healthy eating whilst studying sports science and through my personal training, the more I felt the need for change!

I have always had a sweet tooth and we are all now becoming more aware of how bad sugar is for us, so I really had to come up with some alternatives! Learning about unrefined alternatives led me to develop my own recipes, starting with just snacks then moving onto meals the more I got into it. Finally I had enough recipes to put together as a book and share with you all…

Fitness Experience

For a lot of people, an expensive or intimidating gym is off the cards, so as a trainer who goes to people’s homes to train them, I have to be creative and work with little room and only a few bits of equipment that I can carry with me.

Using this experience, I have been able to come up with fun, challenging workouts that can be done anywhere and work the whole body for a complete body blast!

Best of all:

  • It fits in with a busy schedule
  • Is effective and interesting