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Why alcohol is stopping you shed the fat


1. It slows your metabolism of fat.
When we are trying to burn body fat, there are a few things that contribute to this happening.

One of the key things we need to do is fire up our metabolism and switch it into ‘fat burning mode’; you may have heard that training methods such as HIIT is one of the ways you can do this, but it also comes from what you eat.

This means we can undo it through our diet as well. When we consume alcohol, our body uses this as its primary fuel; which means it chooses the booze rather than our fat stores. You’ve changed your diet and been working hard at the gym in order to burn your fat, but sadly it won’t shift if you’re knocking back the beers or going heavy on the wine come the evening. 

2. Shock horror- it contains calories
Yep that’s right folks, breaking news, alcohol contains calories and more often than not, a tonne of sugar too. To put it in perspective here are some comparisons:

- 1 Glass of red wine = 160 kcal - the same calories as a bag of crisps
- 1 Mojito = 240 kcal (25g sugar) the same as dairy milk chocolate bar for both sugar and calories
- 1 Pint of lager = 180 kcal (13.5g sugar) - more than a slice of toast and jam

I spoke about one of the key things that need to be going on in your body if you are trying to lose weight in the section above, but another contributing fact is that you need to be in a calories deficit, this means that you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. So when you’ve had a few drinks with the girls or guys down at the pub, it starts to add up and can really set you back in the fat loss stakes.

3. It dehydrates you-
One thing I spend a lot of time pestering my clients about is not drinking enough water. H2O is required for every function in the body, and without enough of it, some of these processes start to slow down. One of which is your metabolism. Alcohol dehydrates the body by decreasing the production of anti-diuretic hormone which usually allows the body to absorb water, because of this you will lose more fluid through urination. So if fat burning is your goal, it can be seriously slowed down, not to mention that sluggish feeling when you try and hit the gym the next day!

4. Hangover food doesn’t usually consist of a salad with some chicken-
That cold pizza left over from last night, a cheeky drive through breakfast from you favourite fast food place, sadly not going to help you get your body back to the best place post party. So that means, all the drink you had the night before, the kebab you had on the way home and the McDonalds you nursed down the morning after are all stopping you from smashing those goals. When it’s written like that, it seems simple doesn’t it. I’m all for a good party, but if fat loss if your main goal, you need to be mindful of what fuel you are putting in the tank!