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Wellness Retreat Mallorca June 2018

Picking the perfect venue for our wellness retreats is so important to us; this year we opted for the beautiful island of Mallorca, and it didn't disappoint!

Nestled in the foothills of the tramuntana mountain range, C'an Bescuyt provided the perfect base for our guests and we can't wait to go back our there for our next retreat.

yoga down dog

This year we wanted to put more of an emphasis on improving overall wellbeing, rather than just fitness and healthy eating. To do this, we included daily yoga and mindfulness sessions along side our fitness activities, a spectacular mountain hike and nutrition advice.

Here's a run down of our week...

Day 1
Today was about everyone getting settled in and included a welcome lunch followed by one to one consultations. It is so important to us that our guests get as much as they can from their stay, having an initial chat means we can discuss goals and current barriers that may be stopping them get their health to where they would like it to be.
We then did a gentle flowing yoga practice to get everybody moving after their journey to Mallorca.

group meal 1

Our welcome lunch


Day 2
Day 2 included a little more physical activity and also a chance to enjoy the sunshine and a swim in the pool. We started with a yoga practice as the sun rose above the mountains, surely nothing is more beautiful than seeing the first sun rays of the day!
After breakfast we had a group circuit session using a mixture of body weight training, resistance bands, TRX and weights to get stuck in to the fitness side of things!
After lunch there was plenty of time to relax and for our first group mindfulness session. This was all about observation; being able to observe and appreciate what we have in our life allows us the opportunity to practice gratitude and fulfilment, whether this comes from the world around us, the people around us, our own body or even the food we eat.
In the afternoon guests received a one to one training session to work on their personal fitness goals before enjoying another tasty dinner in the evening.

fish cakes

Sweet potato and salmon fishcakes

Day 3
Time to climb the mountain! Literally and metaphorically speaking...but wow, the views were worth the effort and the 6am start! The whole group put in an amazing amount of effort to support each other on the accent and power on up those steep climbs!

mountains view 1 team view
Time for soaking in the stunning surroundings (and a little snack) at the top before we set off back down.
On return we tucked into a delicious brunch of sweet potato fritters, avocado and poached eggs...everybody had definitely earnt their eggs!
The rest of the day allowed plenty of time for relaxing by the pool but also included a group cooking session led by our wonderful chef, Caroline. Oaty cookies, chickpea tagine and coconut milk panacotta all featured in the session that was followed by a chat on how to structure your meals and nourish your body with a great variety of food.

Today also featured '20 mindful questions', all designed to get the brain ticking and think about how we can improve our day to day existence. Having time away from the daily hustle means we can devote some time to thinking about what we enjoy, what makes us happy and how we can have more of it in our lives.
Later in the day a yoga practice focusing on stretching out any achy muscles allowed us to round off the day feeling chilled and supple.
A quiz got the mind working again after dinner, all things nutrition and a discussion to follow...common misconceptions and useful info to make healthy eating a little less of a mine field!

Day 4
Another sunrise yoga practice to start the day, followed by a nutritious breakfast and a little pool time for day 4.
The team then got stuck into a 30 minute fitness session before a walk into the local town of Alaro for a look in the shops and coffee in the town square.
Later in the day we did paired training, again to work on specific goals and give our guests the tools they need to keep the momentum on their return home.

group meal trx

Day 5
The final full day! More yoga to get things moving followed by a full day of one to one training, goal setting and treatments from our wonderful therapist Amanda.
A great way to round off the week and the chance to put some plans in place for staying healthy in the long run.

stir fry

Day 6
Departure day (sob sob!) ...we waved off our gang and can't wait to hear how things go when they get home!

If you are interested in joining us for our next retreat, please get in touch for more information.

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bbq yoga childs pose

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