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Review - F45 Training Harrogate


Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes; whether this is Pilates, weights, spinning, boxercise...the list is endless! But Harrogate's latest edition to the fitness scene has got something new going on.


What is F45?

The team that came up with the concept wanted to "create a Group-Training facility that featured the most dynamic and effective training styles to date". This means covering a lot of bases; classes include cardio, intervals and strength training to provide 45 minutes of what they describe as "the most effective workout method for building lean muscle and burning fat". There are 27 different classes that can be delivered and vary from day to day.

What we did in the class

Once everyone was ready to go, Andy, our enthusiastic instructor gave a quick demo and explanation so those of us that were new to the concept got the idea! The class started with everyone workout on their own station and following a timer displayed on screens around the studio. On the screens there was also a demo of each exercise to ensure everyone knew what they were doing. This was great as a common problem with large classes is that everyone can get a little bit lost! The class was made up of short bursts of HARD work (picture prowler with not just weights, but the lovely Andy on board too!) followed by short rests.

The result?

A sweaty mess, shaky arms and a feel good buzz!