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My Top 3 Pieces of Equipment for a Home Workout - All for under £20

My Top 3 Pieces of Equipment for a Home Workout - All for under £20


Sometimes getting to the gym can seem like mission impossible; with work commitments, family, friends and not enough hours in the day it's hard to fit that trip in. 


For me, I have a few essential pieces of equipment that make training at home very simple but also effective. I travel to a lot of my clients, so having equipment that can be used in their living rooms / gardens / homes is crucial but it also needs to do the job. Below I have listed some of my favourite pieces...adding up to less that £20. I've also included one extra piece of equipment that is extremely useful if your budget is slightly bigger. 


1. At number one...the loop resistance band!

This is a great little tool and at £3.19 on Amazon (link here) it's not breaking the bank either. I use this little band for all sorts: Side step squats, glute activation, regular squats, side lying clams, plank side steps and so on. For a video of glute activation exercise, click here. 

res loop


2. The long resistance band

This is just one length of band that can again be used in a variety of ways and is perfect for taking with you if you travel a lot. The joy of this piece of equipment is that it can be made into an advanced piece or a beginners piece simply by shortening and lengthening the band and therefore increasing or decreasing the resistance. For a full work out using the band, click here. £3.99 Amazon

res band


3. An exercise mat

This transforms any surface into a mini gym! It can be used for Yoga, Pilates or a workout and then rolled up and popped away; take your workout outside or pop it down on the living room floor and you suddenly have a comfortable, non-slip surface to train on. £8.49 Amazon


And if you have a little more to spend...

A kettlebell, the perfect versatile weight to upgrade your squats and lunges but also to allow lots of new exercises but with just one piece of equipment. Adding weight to your workout can help you progress a little more and keep workoutrs varied. This one is £20 from Amazon and is well worth the little spend. 



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