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Giffgaff Money Fit Event


Last weekend I was kindly invited to an event hosted by Giffgaff money with the aim of inspiring us all to get our finances in shape!

The event was aptly named Giffgaff Money Fit and gave each participant the chance to win money in line with how many calories they burnt in the fitness challenge. A great opportunity to get my cardio done for the weekend, and earn some pennies, win win! 

During the event, held at Firehouse Fitness in Leeds, we had the chance to chat with the Giffgaff team about what they can offer. I have seen various Giffgaff adverts on the T.V and around and about, but wanted to know more about their services. I'm always keen to learn some tips and take on advice when it comes to saving and getting savy with my money, and I'm sure I'm not alone either! Giffgaff operate a website that has lots of advice on how to be clever with your moeny and save where you can; they also provide an online credit check and advice on personal loans. 

I took a trip to the 'Savy living' area of their website to see if I could pick up any tips and came accross a post about saving money on food. This is something I talk to a lot of my clients about, being clever with your shopping can have benefits when it comes to reducing your waistline as well as your spending! I have picked out some of the top tips from their page, but for the full post, click here.

1. Make a meal plan and shopping list - this was one of the top pieces of advice from my recent meal prep blog post! Making a game plan for the week means that you buy what you need, and only what you need...not what the supermarket says you should be buying because 'it's a great deal'! Buying the ingredients you need for your meal plan means you can cook some nutritous food to keep you on track with your diet and also helps prevent waste or over buying!

2.  Take your lunch with you- Packed lunches aren’t just for school days. Saving £5 a day on lunch at the office or university is a whopping £100 a month. That’s £1,200 a year! Packed lunches don’t have to be soggy sandwiches, either. Make chicken fajita wraps or a feta cheese and butternut squash salad; something tasty and healthy that you’ll actually look forward to eating.

3. Go frozen- Don’t worry about frozen fruit and vegetables not being as healthy as their fresh counterparts. They’re picked when they’re most fresh and the nutrients are sealed in by the freezing process. Frozen fruit and veg are often way cheaper and even easier to cook, as they come pre-chopped. Watch out for added extras like salt, sugar and fat, though.

4. Try a meat free monday -Meat is way more expensive than veg, so by committing to Meat Free Monday, you’re saving money on the regular and being healthy too, we are all in need of an extra dose of veggie goodness here and there, so get creative with the greens and enjoy a meat free alternative. In need of some inspiration? Click here for my chickpea curry!


Hopefully those tips will help you make a few little savings, thanks Giffgaff!



Everyone getting warmed up and ready to go!



Enjoying a smoothie post run!

Photos courtesy of Matt Chappell and Search Laboratory